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Author: Carlos Roca

ISBN: 978-84-940241-1-5
Size: 16,5x23 cm
Binding: paperback
Language: Spanish
Pages: 96

Price : 17 euros


En la calle. Relato fotográfico de una protesta

The photographer Carlos Roca (Madrid, 1958) has collected a selection of his best photographs of the ongoing protests and demonstrations in Madrid in this book. It is a black and white collective portrait of anonymous people who have decided to go out repeatedly to say out loud they do not like what they are experiencing. As the writer Isaac Rosa explains in the book introduction, a quick look into its pages will show us "the story of what has happened from the 15-M Movement to date. And in that accelerated narrative, concentrating all the time in seconds, we perceive what has happened in the Spanish streets, how citizens have become to be interested in politics again, we have regained consciousness, we have appropriated the public space and we have reconstructed forms of collective resistance which we did not have any more".