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Photographs: Carlos Roca y Fernando Madariaga
Illustrations: Antonio Roca
Text: Javier Echenagusia

ISBN: 978-84-940241-0-8
Size: 22x22 cm
Binding: paperback
Language: Spanish and English
Pages: 168

Price : 22.50 euros


Toledo. Un paseo por el laberinto/A walk through the labyrinth

This book invites you to get lost in the unique city of Toledo and discovers its surroundings, as varied and sometimes little-known as it is. It offers a personal and quiet view of this world’s heritage site, in which each image speaks for itself and encourages the reader to go deeper into this city. The book is intended for those who already know the city and for those who do not. For the former, it is a good subjective guide to walk through it and discover secret corners. For the latter, it is a good introduction to that immense and impossible to summarize Toledo. There are two Toledos, people may find the first one in the usual guides for tourists: monuments, festivals, museums, ambiance and whatever there is in a map. The other one, which this book is dedicated to, has not got a map, it is a labyrinth in which you enjoy getting lost and reach new meanings in each visit. Toledo, a walk through the labyrinth is the guide to that hidden and infinite Toledo, a guide to help us remember how unique it is.